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Highly Trained Faculty
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Dr. Yves Louvard, ICPS, Paris
Dr. C Raghu, Prime Hospitals, Hyderabad
Dr. M S S Mukharjee, Prime Hospitals, Hyderabad
Dr. M Srinivas, Prime Hospitals, Hyderabad
Dr. Amit Sharma, Prime Hospitals, Hyderabad
Dr. V S Ramachandra, Prime Hospitals, Hyderabad
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Dr. Nguyen L Hieu, Vietnam Heart Institute
Dr. R K Jain, KIMS, Hyderabad
Dr. Rajpal Abhaichand, Coimbatore
Dr. G Sengottuvelu, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai
Dr. A G Rajeev, Emory University, Atlanta
Dr. G L Sharma, Jaipur
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