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The Interventional Fellowship provides Physicians an opportunity for training in this field in a stimulating academic environment. Cardiologists who have completed their formal training in General Cardiology before starting an Interventional Consultant practice are eligible for this programme. The ultimate goal of this programme is to help young Cardiologists to acquire the nuances of the practical Interventional Cardiology and also acquire grass root knowledge of encountering challenging clinical situations. This training will enable them to practice Interventional cardiology confidently back in their geographic area with a high degree of success.
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The Interventional Cardiology service brings together 9 Cardiologists and features three cardiac intervention suites where some 3,700 procedures are carried out per year, including 1,200 angioplasties.
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Complex angioplasty using a variety of intracoronary devices and a multitude of non-coronary interventions are routinely performed.  In addition, the TACVI at Prime Hospitals has an active primary angioplasty program for acute infarction (120 cases/year). Over the years, the group has also developed a specialized percutaneous intervention program for mitral valvuloplasty, device closure for congenital heart disease (ASD, VSD, PDA), below knee vascular interventions and carotid angioplasty programme. The department runs a very active research program.
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The Interventional cardiology service offers a six-month or one-year fellowship, depending on the candidate's previous experience. All fellows take part in clinical and research activities and are expected to be available for on-call duty in General Cardiology at the hospital.
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To obtain funding, candidates are advised to apply for grants from recognized agencies.
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» Candidates who have previously completed dedicated cardiology training.
» Well versed with acute cardiac care.
» They hold a specialist's certificate allowing them to practice in their country.
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